Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of mediation — if you're not sure if it's the right solution for you, these common questions may help guide you towards an informed decision.

Q. Do I have to bring a lawyer with me to mediation?

A. No. Family mediation works just as well if you have no lawyer, if you have a lawyer but come to the sessions by yourself, or if you come to the sessions with your lawyer

Q. How does mediation save me money?

A. You and your partner will share the hourly cost of the mediation sessions. When you work out all of the issues in your case during mediation, you do not have to address those issues in court. Court cases usually take a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

Q. Does a mediator have to be a lawyer?

A. No. Jacqueline is a lawyer, but she will not be your lawyer during mediation. She knows the law and will guide you and your partner to a resolution that is fair to both of you.

Q. How does mediation give me more control over my life after separation?

A. There are many creative solutions to every problem. Jacqueline has drafted hundreds of family law agreements and she will guide you to the solution that fits your family. Nothing is final until both you and your partner are in agreement.

Q. How can mediation lower the stress of separation?

A. At Pathway Mediation, we provide a comfortable, safe environment. You can discuss your family law issues freely knowing that nothing can be brought up in court later.

Q. Do my partner and I have to be in the same room during mediation sessions?

A. No. Your meditation sessions can take place with each of you in separate rooms if you wish. This is called “shuttle mediation.” Jacqueline will spend time with each of you separately or together.